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WARNING: This best bike water bottle holder is a one of the best gadgets you can think of when it comes to your bike!

Do you like cool utensils for your bike? This Best Bike Water Bottle Holder is a good opportunity to equip your bike in an effective way. It is easy to assemble on your cycle, you can also detach it very fast, if you want to change your bike. You can use it almost everywhere on your road bike or mountain bike and even on your motorbike or on your electric vehicle. This appliance is available in five different colors, so don’t hesitate to choose your favorite one. This bottle holder is made of light and durable aluminum, therefore don’t panic that it could break easily. If you treat it caring you can use it for a life time. You can put in a large number of different bottles cups, cans and tumblers. If you already have a bottle holder you can additionally assemble this one on the seat post if there is enough place for it.

Different designs

This product offers two different designs. A single side and a bilateral design. There is not just an optical difference, it is also a difference between the weight. The bilateral version is slightly heavier than the single side. Choose which one you like better, there aren’t any decisive differences which could affect your biking experience. Get your Best Bike Water Bottle Holder today!

Outside dimensions & weight

  • Bilateral:

Length: 5,5 inches (14cm)

Width: 2,55 inches (6.5cm)

Weight: 6,3 ounces (180g)

  • Single Side:

Length: 5,5 inches (14cm)

Width: 2,55 inches (6,5cm)

Weight: 5,2 ounces (150g)

Easy to mount bottle holder

It isn‘t only light and awesome-looking, it is functional too! You just need two screws and a tool with which you screw the screws on your frame, so it can be installed on pretty much every bike. Don’t be concerned about your frame, it will not be damaged. If you have a big enough frame, you can even install two Best Bike Water Bottle Holders, on your bike.

Ideal gift for your your biking buddy

You are searching for a superb gift for your biking mate? This bottle holder ist the fitting product which you were looking for. He will be stunned, how convenient and easy to mount and how stylish this Best Bike Water Bottle Holder is. Your friend will instantly become infatuated with this tool, because who doesn’t love appreciable gifts?

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Aluminium Alloy

Bike Bottle Cage Ultralight MTB Bicycle Water Bottle Holder for Bike  Universal 6 Color Black, Red, Blue, Gold, Silver, Mountain Folding Road Bike Water Drink Cup Rack 



Product name: Aluminum alloy bottle cage

Material: aluminum alloy

Color: Blue/Black/Red/Gold/Silver

Weight: about 150g

Specifications: 14cmx6.5cm

Applicable: Motorcycle/Bicycle/Electric Vehicle

Clamp: suitable for round pipe diameter 18-35cm



1.PREMIUM MATERIAL: Made of aluminum alloy, this bottle cage is durable and lightweight, with a smooth surface and easy to clean, the bottle cage is perfect for riding.

2.Scientific Design: Streamlined one-piece molding, low friction coefficient, avoid scratching the water bottle, quick and easy access to the bicycle water bottle when needed.

3.SAFE AND ROBUST: Whether you’re riding fast on the road or on rough trails, you’re guaranteed to keep the entire bottle firmly in place while riding. The grip keeps the bottle in place when riding on rough terrain.

4.EASY TO INSTALL: In just a few simple steps, install to your bike frame in under 60 seconds.

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Black Style A, Blue Style A, Red Style A, Gold Style A, Silver Style A, Black Style B, Blue Style B, Red Style B, Gold Style B, Silver Style B