Best Mountain Bike Fender




WARNING: This mudguard is a useful tool to protect you from being covered with dirt after your ride – every biker knows that!

Are you attached to appreciable tools for your bike? This Best Mountain Bike Fender is a good opportunity to equip your bike in a convenient way. It is uncomplicated to attach it on your bicycle, you can also remove it very quickly, if you want to change your bike. You can use it almost everywhere on your road bike or mountain bike. It is available in eight different colors, so don’t delay to choose your favorite one. This mudguard is made of light and durable engineering plastic, therefore don’t panic that it could break easily. If you treat it caring you can use it for a life time or even sell it for a good price if you don’t want it. It can be fixed above the front wheel and above the rear wheel, it does really keeping you safe and dry from dirt and puddles.

Different Colors

This product can be afforded in many different nice-looking colors. This unique fashionable design fits your bike in a stylish way, so you will probably get delightful looks on your bike. It is also easy to wash and very comfortable to transport. The small size and the very light weight of the Best Mountain Bike Fender enables you the privilege to tuck in the mudguard in you bag. If you want to wash it, you just have hose it with a water hose.

Outside dimensions

Length: 10 ½ inches (26,5cm)

Width: 8 ¾ inches (22cm)

Easy to mount

It isn‘t only light and nice-looking, it is functional too! You don‘t need any screws or any extra tools you take the mudguard and mount it with the included zip ties over the front or rear wheel, the zip ties are fixed on the frame or on the fork of your bike, so it can be used on pretty much every bike. Don’t be concerned about your frame or the fork, it will not be damaged. You can also remove the Best Mountain Bike Fender easily, if you want to change your bike or if you want to clean it.

Ideal gift for your your biking mate

You are searching for a superb gift for your biking buddy? This mudguard is the fitting product that you were looking for. Your friend will be stunned, how convenient and easy to mount and how stylish our Best Mountain Bike Fender is. Your mate will instantly fall in love with this tool, because who doesn’t love appreciable gifts?

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Pink, Red, White, Green, Black, Yellow, Blue, Orange