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Isn’t it practical to have most of the essential things like a repair kit, a chain fixer or a special oil with you every time you ride your bike? Without even thinking of taking them with you? This best saddle bag makes this possible. It is really practical and big. It is also very durable and a waterproof version which is also available. Here you can put all your stuff inside. And you can take this bag easily off your bike. The place under the saddle is also ideal because it doesn’t bother you when you ride. You do not even need a backpack when you put your water bottle on a bottle holder at the frame and when you put your essential things in this saddle bag. You will never forget a small important tool before the trip. From now on, you no longer have to think about all the fifty different things you have to take with you when it’s already in the saddle bag.

  • A lot of place: with up to 1.5 litres, this should be enough to store all your essential things in this saddle bag
  • Durable: in case you crash, your things inside won’t get damaged because this saddle bag is made of very durable Composite PU & EVA, but we hope this never happens
  • Easy to use: the installation process isn’t really difficult, you do just have to put the mount on your bike, but you do get a detailed description, and taking it off the bike woks also great
  • Waterproof: sometimes you get surprised by a shower but this is not a problem because you can buy the waterproof version of this saddle bag

Outside dimensions

  • Width: 3 ½ inches (9 cm)
  • Length: 7 ½ inches (19,5 cm)
  • Hight: 3 ¼ inches (8 cm)

Innovative best saddle bag

“I love the phone pockets inside of the bag, at last I don’t have to worry about it getting damaged while cycling anymore” You want to have more space than a usual saddle bag provides? You want to have a bag which is nearly impossible to damage? And you want something innovative? This saddle bag also doesn’t interfere while cycling because of it’s perfect position under the seatpost.

Great Gift

You do know somebody who sometimes forgets taking some essential tools on a trip? And somebody who is keen on special gadgets like this? Wouldn’t he or she be happy to store all his favourite things in this best saddle bag? He/she would not even need an annoying backpack. Downhill tours will never be the same as before with this useful gadget.

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