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WARNING: This is almost a perfectly normal bicycle bell, but it is a very special one!

Do you sometimes notice bicycle bells on other bikes? No? This is because these are also just perfectly normal. These bells are often black, small and made of plastic and metal. And sometimes they are not even loud enough. But our Bicycle Bell not only looks unique it also comes in different finishes. Now your bell isn’t that boring anymore. You can get it in your favourite color, gold, black, silver in a matching color which fits the style of your bicycle. These bells are high quality, the bells are made of stainless steal, just the gold metal is brushed copper. Your bike is going to look a little bit nicer. And your bike gets a little bit personalised. Do want to just have a black bell that every second person also has? Or do you want something special for your bike?

  • Loud: it does not only look good, everybody is going to hear you and will get out of your way (of course only if you ride on bicycle paths ;), you now don’t have to unnecessarily break down
  • High quality material: with stainless steal and the bell made of brushed copper, you almost can’t get something better
  • Three finishes to choose from: With three different finishes to choose from, gold, black, silver you have a lot of different options
  • Stainless steal and brushed copper: this special steal and copper not only sounds really well and loud, it makes this Bicycle Bell a lot more durable than other bells and it’s much higher quality


  • Diameter: 1 ¼ inch (3 ¼ cm)
  • Width: 2 inch (5 cm)
  • Heigth: 2 ¼ inch (5 ¾ cm)

Different finishes

You don’t like bells which are just black? You want something that looks and is much more qualitative? Your bike is already black and for example a brushed aluminium bell would look just amazing? What are you waiting for? This does not just look really cool, this is also one of the loudest bells we sell – no cheap plastic! This bell is just the right thing for your bike.

Perfect Gift

Do you know someone who likes extraordinary cycling bells? And someone who loves his bike but doesn’t care about a perfect Bike Bell? It looks like a small, ordinary and innocent bicycle bell but it differs from its material and its loudness to those normal bells. Your friend will definitely like this bell.

FREE SHIPPING! Note: Due to very high demand, please allow 2-4 weeks delivery.

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Gold, Brushed Copper, Gloss Black, Silver, Matte Black