Bicycle Mirror

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Would you like to have a really cool gadget for your bicycle that nobody else has? And do you love to shock and surprise your friends and family? Then our bicycle mirrors should be just perfect for you! They are convex mirrors with a few cool and practical details, that other rear mirrors do not always have! The back reflector and convex instead of flat mirror lead to more safety in traffic and on the streets. You think that these were all the special things about our rear mirrors? Actually there is even more! They are super easy to install and can be placed above or even below the handlebars. The mirrors can be rotated up to 360 degrees. After installing them, you can adjust them the way you like. Just turn and move them around to almost every position with ease! Now you might ask yourself: why would I need such mirrors? Well, they make bike rides more comfortable. You do not have to turn your head around all the time to see your surroundings and other vehicles behind you. That makes you able to react faster in all situations in traffic. Then: imagine riding home late at night and your light is not working well. But no need to panick! All the cars and vehicles crossing your way will notice you because of the back reflectors included in the mirrors.

  • Size and weight: The bicycle mirrors are small and don’t take a lot of space. In case you don’t need them, just put them in a small bag to carry them, they aren’t heave either!
  • Safety: they make your bike tours and trips even safer through a back reflector and fully aware about the situation around you in less than two seconds.
  • Easy to install: Install and adjust the mirrors however you prefer them to be easily and in no time!
  • When adjusting: You can rotate them 360 degrees smoothly.
  • Convex: They are convex mirrors and not  usual flat mirrors, making you notice and see even more of your surroundings!

 Outside dimensions

  • Length (oval): 2.56 inches, (6.5 cm)
  • Height (oval): 2.05 inches, (5.2 cm)
  • Length (rectangle): 2.24 inches, (5.7 cm)
  • Height (rectangle): 1.26 inches, (3.2 cm)

 Special features

  • Choose the shape you prefer: oval or rectangle! You can use them for different bike models and the split base is universal.(It is suitable for bars with 18~25mm)!

 The perfect present for any cyclist

Are you struggling to find a gift for a cyclist who likes to have every situation under control? If that is the case, just give them the bicycle mirrors! They will be happy about a new and cool gadget that makes them safe. Additionally they can show it to their friends and family to surprise them with something uncommon!

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1 Pc Diameter 7 cm, 2 Pcs Diameter 7 cm