Bike Tool Kit

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Are you fond of convenient and innovative gadgets for your bicycle which make your life easier? Would you like to impress your friends and biking buddies with a practical tool? If so, then our Bike Tool Kit is just the perfect thing for you! From now on, when your bike is broken or damaged, you can repair it even – no matter if you are in the mountains or on the road. Screwdrivers, allen keys, socket wrenches, spoke wrenches and many more of a lot of different sizes are included. To use any of these tools you must simply unfold the whole repair kit and pick the specific tool that is needed! Why would you need this repair kit, why is it important and practical? Well, imagine suddenly having an accident or something getting damaged on one of your tours or trips. With help of all the tools in the kit you can fix the damage on the spot and don’t have to push the bicycle home and then pay for getting it fixed. And in case you are a fan of repair tools, another plus point for this one here is it’s size. Because it is small, it can be taken on rides more easily than any other tools. And you have everything you need combined in one set, making Bike Tool Kit very handy and efficient!

  • Share: When you are on a trip with friends and not only your bicycle gets damaged, just share the repair kit or borrow it to a good friend!
  • Pick your favourite color: The kit is available in red, blue and black and in three different models, a, b and c.
  • Size: This  Bike Tool Kit is super small and fits into various places such as pockets and smaller bags. It doesn’t take much space at all.


  • Allen keys: 0.08, 0.09, 0.11, 0.15, 0.19, 0.24, 0.31 inches (0.2, 0.23, 0.28, 0.38, 0.48, 0.61, 0.79cm)
  • Screwdrivers: phillips, flathead
  • Socket wrenches: 0.19, 0.31, 0.39 inches (0.48, 0.61, 1.00 cm)
  • Spoke wrenches: 13, 14, 15 G
  • Others: tire lever ×2, mavic 2, chain removal

Outside dimensions

  • Length: 3.03 inches (7.7cm)
  • Width: 1.57 inches (4cm)
  • Height: 0.59 inches (1.5cm)

Give the repair kit to someone special

Are you looking for a present, maybe a birthday present or just a random one to give to a bike lover you know? If that is the case, just give them the Bike Tool Kit and they are good to go even on more dangerous and exciting routes! Then they are prepared for the worst case and save money on repairs.

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