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WARNING: This frame protector is a considerable tool for your bike!

Do you like handy tools for your bike? This Bike Frame Protector is a good opportunity to equip your bike in an effective way. It is easy to assemble on your cycle, it also sticks very hard on your frame and protects your bike against chain slaps or oil from the chain on your frame. This frame protector is made of light, durable, black nylon, therefore don’t worry that your frame could get dirty or damaged easily. You can assemble this frame protector perfectly on your frame and it is easy to mount. When the chain in rotating, this accessory can protect your bike chain from damaging! It is ideal for using with all multi-speed bikes and some single-speed models and mountain bikes. The frame protector is available in black color.

Extra Strength and Durability

The chain stays are very strong and light, tightly stitched with heavy-duty thread for extra strength and durability. The Bike Frame Protector has a great waterproof performance, so it can  be used repeadiately after washing your bike and of course also on a dry bike. It is preventing hindrance of chain slap. The material is soft and gently to your frame. If you want to change your bike you can easily demount it within some minutes and if you want to take it with you you just put it in your bag. If you have worries about your other frames don’t hesitate to treat yourself to get more of our great frame protectors.

Outside dimesions & weight

  • Size: 8.66*1.37*0.78 inches (22*3.5*2cm)
  • Weight: 0.46 ounces (13g)

Easy to install

It isn‘t only fresh and good-looking, it is functional too! You just wrap the Biking Frame Protector around your frame then you close it with a velcro fastener so you can use this fashionable tool anywehre you want. If it is dirty because of mud or chain oil, you just remove it carefully from your frame and clean it with water.

Ideal gift for your your biking mate

You are searching for a superb gift for your biking buddy? This Bike Frame Protector ist the fitting product which you were looking for. He will be stunned, how convenient and easy to mount and how stylish this frame protector is. Your mate will instantly become infatuated with this tool, because who doesn’t love appreciable gifts.

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Matt Black, Transparent, Carbon Black