LED Bike Helmet

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WARNING: This unique gadget is designed for your personal safety, it will ensure you are safe in traffic at night.

Are you a fan of normal-looking things with an awesome special feature? Do you like that nobody else has such a helmet which can save you life? And this LED Bike Helmet does not only have lights on both sides, it does even have one special thing, it has an adjustable front light. This helmet is just like any helmet. It is safe (if it is used correctly), it comes in different colours and it fits almost any size. It is also comfortable to wear. But it is equipped with lights so that you are seen by anyone at night.

  • Perfect fit: designed to fit on anybody’s head
  • Makes your rides even more secure: if the lights are turned on, it is quite impossible to be overlooked
  • Easy to use: charge the LED Lights with USB, just plug in the cable
  • Durable and waterproof: built to protect you for a long time


Size (head circumference): 22 ½ inches (57 cm) – 24 ½ inch (62 cm)

Battery time

  • Mighty mode: 4 hours
  • Low: 9 hours
  • Flash: 24 hours

Special features

  • Mirrored magnet-equipped lens: Ever forgot your sunglasses when you went for a ride? – this slick, aerodynamic design will make sure your eyes are 100% protected, without you always carrying your bike sunglasses with you
  • 9 modes: extra fast blinking, slow blinking, shifting from one side to the other and the constant light mode are just a few of the functions this LED helmet has
  • Made for every head circumference: you can adjust the head circumference in order that the helmet fits you and is safe on your head


Do you want to make your rides at night much safer? And do you want car drivers to be able to see you from all different angles – from both sides, behind and from the front? You like to have an extremely comfortable helmet that makes it impossible to been overlooked in the dark and is a great protection against various accidents that could happen? Then this Innovative LED Bike Helmet is just PERFECT for you!

Easy to use & made for secure cycling

Just take it out of the package, put it on your head and tap on one or both of the buttons at the back, depending on which light mode you do want. That’s it. Now you are better seen in the dark than before.

Safety disclaimer: Your safety is important for us, so please just use this LED Bike Helmet when it isn’t damaged or something like that. Please note that we do not guarantee that you are safe at 100%, you also have to take care of yourself when you cycle.

FREE SHIPPING! Due to very high demand, please allow 2-4 weeks delivery time.

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