Mountain Bike Phone Mount

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WARNING: This multifunctional Mountain Bike Phone Mount will mountain biking for you forever!

You are searching for the best way to attach your phone to your bicycle? And, of course, you want to have a stable mechanism connecting your mobile device the bike? You want your phone holder to be that stable so even an extreme downhill is possible without your phone falling off? If so, this super stable phone mount is just the right gadget for you! This long-lasting product always keeps its promises: High-quality aluminum alloy material made by finest processing, which is strong, wear-resistant, durable and corrosion-resistant, ensures your phone is securely mounted to your bicycle. Moreover, the highly long-lasting materials used for this appliance can even prevent this phone holder from breaking in a crash (Yes, it is incredibly stable). But that’s by far not everything this extraordinary gadget has to offer: With the help of a special screw mechanism this Phone Holder For Bike makes sure the mobile device does not wiggle while you are riding your bicycle. And no, you are not limited to just one position of your cell phone: The 360° rotating design makes every phone position you can think of possible. In addition, there is a life changing extra function that will blow your mind: On the bottom of our Mountain Bike Phone Mount, there is a place to attach your GoPro! And again: No wiggling, no low-resolution videos – this tool offers just the best stability for your camera. On the same spot you attach the GoPro a flashlight can be mounted. So, choose whichever option suits you best!

  • Holds your phone tightly: A special 4-claw design attaches your phone firmly to the bike which makes it falling out nearly impossible
  • Quick release design: You want to take your phone with you after your ride & don’t want this to take ages? With this feature you can take your phone in less than a second!
  • Adjustable size: Designed to fit a variety of phones & bicycle handlebars
  • Full touchscreen use: This Mountain Bike Phone Mount was created to provide its users the comfort to utilize the whole screen of the mobile phone
  • Safe, durable & long-lasting: This cell phone holder was created of highest-quality, long-lasting materials and ensures your device is protected even in extreme situations

Suitable for

Both advanced mountain bikers & beginners – this universal Mountain Bike Phone Mount will always provide extraordinary stability & safety for your phone

Product Details

Material: Aluminum Alloy + Silicone Tape
Weight: About 120g
Fit For:
Phone width ≤ 95mm
Diameter of handle ≤ 31.8mm
Feature: Stable five claws, silicone non-slip, mechanical telescopic, 360° rotation

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